Mountain Song

Hello, beautiful people! It’s been a minute…

After a month working at a B&B in the foothills of the French Alps, I have learned loads of interesting, practical tidbits, including how to: make hospital corners, thaw a water pump, paint a kitchen, serve an apéritif, clean a toilet, take care of a grumpy donkey, make a Biddy, and say ‘bless you’ in Danish. I’ve also made lots of fond memories and life-long friends.

Have you ever heard

The siren call


The Mountains?

Have you ever



Trekking across oceans, an entire continent,

Searching out peaks and valleys

Suddenly finding yourself

In a beautiful place?

Have you ever found yourself

In the midst of an improbable spring

When there should’ve been snow?

Have you ever found yourself

Struggling down a snowy slope

Bearing two sloshing buckets of water

To an invitingly warm barn?

Have you ever found yourself

Weathering the thunder and lightning

Of a storm inside a home?

Have you ever found yourself 

Staring into the endless nights sky

Watching countless shooting stars

Unable to think of anything more to wish for?
Have you ever found yourself?

Have you ever watched the sun peek over the mountaintops 

And thought of the beauty of the Universe?

Or sat in a wooden kitchen

Listening to the babble of French voices

And thought of the really important things?

(Don’t Take Plates Away Before Cheese!)


Have you ever exchanged ideas with a near stranger

In the cab of a camion 

And emerged at the end of the day

No longer strangers?

Have you ever watched a stallion

Gallop down the rocks and grassy slope

Straight towards you, whinnying in recognition

And had to stop,

Heart in your mouth,

Hay in your arms,

Awe in your eyes?

Have you ever been a Jedi, a deer, a cowboy, a secret agent, and a zookeeper – all in one day?

Have you ever had to freeze in the midst of washing dishes

Praying for one of the clients at the table to resume the conversation?


Have you ever watched an irate donkey

Explore a peace-offering in the form of an apple?

Or watched the full moon cast shadows and reflect off the snowy night?

Or woken up in the middle of the night in a panic –

Water heater!

Or enjoyed a Rikita with the woodstove crackling and the wind howling?

Or made yourself scarce as tempers flare?

Or joked with guests in French?

Or drunk copious amounts amounts of tea, barefoot,

Mountains spreading out below?


Have you ever met other people

Who, unknowingly perhaps, taught you something

About yourself,

About humanity?

Have you ever sat in the highest point you could find,

The scent of cows in the air,

The Alps in the distance,

Feeling a profound connection

To this heartbreakingly beautiful world?

Have you ever heard

The siren call 


The Mountains,
And sung along?



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