Gap Semester

First Days on Lake Como

Lake Como is the perfect place to recover from the jet lag.

il lago

(The Italian coffee doesn’t hurt, either.)

Il caffè

The lake itself is cool and glacier blue, large enough that it never seems crowded on the water.



The Alps rise up into the clouds, watchful sentinels.



There’s a laid-back feel to all the many waterfront activities.

Futbol by the lakefront
Futbol by the lakefront


The view from our balcony + the sunny breakfast table
The view from our balcony + the sunny breakfast table

There’s no AC, just the perpetual lake breeze playing with the curtains and the ends of my hair.

  The food, of course, is outstanding – fresh & homemade.


Even the garage has a gorgeous view!

Quaint little hill towns, with red-tiled roofs shimmering in the sun and the lake breeze…

Balcony view of San Siro

…and narrow, winding streets.


Seriously though, I’m loving this garage view.

The wifi is even more glacial than the lake at times, which is actually a blessing in disguise in a lot of regards (though not when it comes to blogging, hence the sporadic posts.) I’ll post more when I can (tomorrow we go sailing and paddleboarding on the lago!) but for more current updates, follow me on the Instagram.

{@themapslegend 😄}

Ciao for now!





  1. Hey cool travels! Italy is where I want to retire and teach people how to fly planes. Just sayin’ hello and that I’m excited for you and your journey. I just got back from Istanbul and am feeling the Don’t-Wanna-Say-Goodbye blues. Make friends abroad. No matter where you travel, your favorite place will be based on how much you like the people you’re with. And the semester off sounds brilliant. Divorcing yourself from the typical time table of higher education will help free your mind and spirit. Okay, okay, bon voyage!

    1. Thanks so much, Mr H! I really enjoyed reading your Istanbul blog. Also, I now fully expect you to teach me how to fly a plane in Italy. Just sayin’ 🙂

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